Best Friends Forever
Judi and our late Katie on the Atlantic Highlands in
New Jersey overlooking Sandy Hook Bay.
October 24, 1965
Yes, the photograph on the left was taken on board a ship just before we entered the dinning saloon. Yes, the background
behind us is the
First Class staircase of Titanic. No, we did not travel back in time. The photo was actually taken on
The Voyager of the Seas in October 2005. There have been a few changes in 40 years, but we are still together.
Oh, my other best friend is the person I married back in 1965,  Judi.  It has been a long time ago now. We have two
grown kids, 4 grand kids, and have had four dogs; first Tippi, then Mitzi, then
Katie and now our latest BFF, Rocky.
July 18, 1965 - "At the Copa"
A night we spent at the famous NY City nightclub in the
summer of 65.
The latest addition to our family is Rocky, our little Rock Star.  Part
Border Collie and part something else, he is our first boy dog and a
great pal. We got him in January 2013 when he was about 5 years old
from neighbors who could no longer care for him.  Everyone in our
building loves him. He doesn't ask for much, and only wants to be
petted and cared for. He loves going for car rides, especially when we
take him to a dog park to meet and play with a few other K-9 friends.
Above all he loves people, and people love him. My latest BFF.